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Who will your champions be?

Did you know that on average 'how to start a business' is googled in the UK over 18,000* times a month. No wonder the UK start-up economy is one of the most prolific in the World. Not bad for a little island is it!

Here at Involved Investors, we been helping support founders with all things 'start-up' from taking a 'brilliant idea' right through to scaling for growth. But where do you start? Who are the champions you need by your side to help you on your way? Through our network we

are able to introduce entrepreneurs to experienced, skilled support for every

step of the journey. So, whether you just need to talk an idea through, need

help putting the legal structure in place, need a marketing strategy, help with

funding, or even recruitment, why not drop us a line to see who your champions

could be.

Starting a business is daunting and we should know a thing or two about that after all the practice we've had! Our Chairman, Paul Daniels' latest podcast series 'Business Start-up Advice - Hints & Tips' will help lead you through the steps to make your dream a reality. So,

if you're ready, join Paul on a journey from 'idea' to 'exit', here.

Happy listening!


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