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Did you know that there are 3.5billion smartphone users in the world, or in other words just over 45% of the world's population?* - that's a lot of phones and it's no wonder the mobile sector is growing at an unparalleled rate!

Led by a desire to get away from data mining, invasion of privacy and mindless marketing, they are offering brands the opportunity to build genuine relationships with their target audiences based on truth and trust.

The company report that the value of their 2020 pipeline from current sales and marketing efforts and with just 84 clients is £1.4M ARR, and they are already onboarding 17 of these with Letters of Intent and Contracts valuing £334k.

If this sector is in your sweet spot and you'd like to find out more or you can think of anyone else within your own network that would be interested, please drop us a quick email to with the subject 'MobileTech0220' and we'll get right

back to you.

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