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SOS - Save our Start-ups

No one, and we mean no one has avoided the economic fallout of Covid-19, but for some, the UK Government's support offers no relief or lifeline to protect their future.  We are of course talking about our wonderful entrepreneurs, those amongst us who have had the courage to go it alone, believe in their ideas and go on to build the brands and businesses of tomorrow.

We are now however, at a cross-roads.  Every day the pandemic continues, is a day too many for our Start-up community.  Businesses that were just on the cusp of success have literally had the ground pulled from under their feet and we now need your help to secure vital Government support and to safeguard their future.

Involved Investors is a support partner of the 'Save Our Startups' campaign launched by Crowdcube.  We need your support and for you to 'Be Involved' nevermore than we do right now.  Please join us in signing the petition on the website and spread the word amongst your own contacts.  It doesn't matter whether you're an entrepreneur, founder, team member or investor, the more signatures we can gather, the more impact we can make.  So please take a minute to visit the website and pledge your support alongside us, through the following link. 

Together we can make a difference and together we can help 'Save Our Startups'.

Best wishes

Anna & Paul

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