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Some good news in stormy waters!

As the world adjusts to a new way of living, for a little while at least, it's good to be able to share some positive news with you.  Holidays and travel are now something we can only dream of and look forward to, but when we do finally emerge on the other side of Covid-19, Borrow A Boat have positioned themselves to help us forget these turbulent times.

As you will recall, Involved Investors introduced Borrow a Boat to their first specialist entertainment and leisure VC investor, in 2019 and we're delighted to report that they have just lead the company's latest funding round, overfunding on Crowdcube by some 105% and raising £1.32m.  

Like all our other investee companies, Borrow A Boat have had to adjust their strategy to help them cope with the current crisis and have told us that they will use the time this year to refine the product and technology, explore M&A opportunities and emerge even bigger and stronger by the year end.

Congratulations to Matt and his team and good luck!

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