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Getting to know us....

It's difficult to write about yourself but I'll give it a go....

At a recent event the speaker told the audience that we are all made up of three elements, we are either 'knowers', 'feelers' or 'thinkers' and one is more predominant than the others in us all.

Anna and I sat there and while others pondered, we knew instantly what we were. I am a 'thinker, feeler, knower'. I love organisation, despite my desk indicating otherwise, and while I get on with all the background logistics in the smooth transition from early engagement to successful completion of investments, Paul and Anna are the 'feeler, knower, thinkers' who recognise the businesses that have the recipe for success. In essence, even if I do say so myself, we make a great team and one that Paul and I have been working on together, on and off for over 20 years. It's not often that you'll see old photos of me but here's the proof - this shot was taken the first year that Paul, Marco and I worked together! Such a long time ago now but there's not a lot I haven't experienced along the way and it's given me a good foundation in financial reporting, due diligence, human resources, tender processing, Health & Safety, quality management, marketing and so much more. I've now joined the Involved Investors team full time and I can't wait to support our current and future clients on their journey to success.

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