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Coming to a TV, Tablet or Mobile near you!

Imagine being able to watch the latest Shakespeare play from The Globe or Madame Butterfly at Glyndebourne without having to travel to the venue or pay for an expensive ticket! Well, our latest fundraise will enable you to do just that.

Having started my working career treading the boards, the opportunity to help fund the launch of in the UK, really appealed to me. This digital subscription services allows art lovers to enjoy the very best of today's performing arts from around the globe, on their mobile, laptop, tablet or TV and, really is 'Culture on Demand'!

Our mission at Involved Investors is to make the dreams of tomorrow become the reality of today, through strategic investment and our investors were delighted to join the management team at the recent launch.

When asked what makes Marquee special, Simon Walker, CEO of Marquee Arts, quoted in The Evening Standard that …”Marquee makes it possible for the ‘culturally curious’ to sample and experience the performances they’re reading about from around the world, whenever and wherever they are.”

Anna Daniels - Commercial Development

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