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Involved Investors was started in 2009 and introduces start-ups and SMEs looking for funding to a network of HNW individuals, Family Offices and VC funds. 

We strongly believe that it is important to connect the right investment opportunity with the right investee but it's more than just money.  We handpick contacts that we believe will be of most benefit to these growing companies, who have the right knowledge and experience to bring critical feedback to help our founders start-up, scale-up and succeed.  This approach also avoids investor fatigue by only introducing our network to companies that we believe will add a value proposition to their current individual investment portfolios.

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Anna Daniels - CEO 

In November 2017 Anna joined her father, Paul, at Involved Investors, during a time when the company was growing quickly and needed additional strategic support and development. 

The timing was perfect, as Anna was beginning the process of exiting her own company, Daniels Group, where she now continues in a part-time role as consultant to the new owners. 

Anna has always had a passion for helping companies and their staff achieve their desired goals and is ideally placed to support founders, having experienced the highs and lows of business start-up, development, growth and finally successful sale.

During her 30 years within the health and wellness industry Anna has worked with companies internationally to realise their health, wellbeing and financial strategies. Previous clients included  household names from Formula 1 Racing Teams to Government departments.

Rachel Kemmish - Head of Operations

Rachel runs the operational aspects of Involved Investors and the back office team. She is involved in every step of the process, from first engagement with founders through to aligning them with strategic investors. acts as Paul's PA and is responsible for the company's marketing activities, helps evaluate new funding opportunities and matches them with strategic investors.whose primary roles in the past have been PA to Chairmen and CEOs of major industrial and commercial organisations. After an early career with HSBC she joined Bricom, the largest buy-out in the 1990s, where she became PA to the Chief Executive, whom she then followed to Allied Carpets and beyond.

Her first connection to Paul was when she joined Traffic Management Products Ltd in 1998 and she's never looked back. 

Jack Harland - Head of Innovations, Involved Innovations

With a huge love for innovative ideas, we couldn't have picked anyone more suitable to help support Involved Innovations.  Having graduated from The University of Edinburgh with a Mechanical Engineering degree, Jack will be instrumental in connecting exciting innovative companies, products and ideas to our commercial connections. 

Paul Daniels - Chairman

None of us would of course be here without our Chairman.  Although Paul has taken an operational backseat he is still very much an integral part of Involved Investors, supporting Anna with key decision making and helps assess new investment opportunities.

Paul is an active and enthusiastic business developer and facilitator with a wealth of experience and worldwide network, spanning several trade and industrial sectors.  His key skills are chairmanship, mentoring, deal making and empowering good ideas and bright people to succeed.

The first 35 years of Paul’s career were spent in the food industry, growing and building a small family business into a main listed Plc and then redirecting its focus from commodity trading into the acquisition and marketing of added value chilled food brands, including New Covent Garden Soups and Johnsons Juices.  Daniels Foods is now part of Hain Celestial, the $4.1 billion US organic food group and trades in Europe under the name of Hain Daniels Group.

In 1995 Paul joined forces with Marco Pieters and together they brought nine start-up ideas to market and several of these were sold and moved on to second generation management for fast track development.

In recent years Paul's focus has moved from executive to non-executive participation in larger investments and he has personally invested in most of our successes.  In 2017 Paul was invited to sit on the Investor Panel at the IoDs 'Dragon's Den' event and he continues to support, encourage and listen to young entrepreneurs, some of whom he believes may be the business leaders of the future.  Paul was a member of the UK Business Angels Association, before Involved Investors became members and was shortlisted for the Angel Investor of the Year Award in 2019.  For more information on Paul's exciting career why not take a look at his Bio.







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Business Development Manager, Involved Innovations

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Marco is a passionate, high energy and imaginative investor with a large international contact capital and 20+ years experience in investing his private funds in early growth businesses and scale-ups.

Educated in the Netherlands, Spain, Germany and the US, Marco started his business career with Merrill Lynch in the early 90’s spearheading a completely new business in Eastern and Central Europe. In 1996 Marco embarked on a new career as an entrepreneur in the UK. 

Together, Paul and Marco built 7 businesses from scratch. In 2010, with 6 successful exits to their names – including one to a Private Equity buyer – Marco and Paul formed Involved investors and together they have invested in 9 early growth companies, 4 of which have been  successfully exited – including one IPO.

Marco is now based in Amsterdam, and formed Slingshot Ventures

in 2014 to invest in early growth ventures in the Netherlands, where he likes to take a hands-on approach, assisting talented entrepreneurs where they need it most.

Paul & Marco still own holdings jointly in UK companies and liaise on a day to day basis.

Marco Pieters - Venture Partner

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